kurs kowalstwo artystyczne


zegar metalowyMetal is my fifth element. I join metal craft experience with love to this amazing substance. I feel it’s living matter… changing, growing, moving among forms. This is the only art material we can use many times giving new shapes and features. Does the matter remember it’s shapes? This Bruno Schulz’s question about matter doesn’t let me sleep calm.

I love to play with metal phisical features, using strenth, flame, chemistry and free imagination to search new shapes, textures and forms. This is the point of my art, alchemical research about forms of living.

Metal was beloved substance by alchemists. Previously people believed that metal is living part of nature, growing up in the Earth from simple form like iron, through copper and lead, to perfect metal – gold. Looking for gold in their alembics, alchemists wanted to cheat a time, make something faster than nature.